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Is There A Cure For Kidney Failure Except Dialysis

2013-05-05 16:33

Dialysis is a maintenance treatment for kidney failure patients. It can help purify the blood, eliminate risk factors that threaten the patient’s life so as to sustain the patient’s life span.

Since dialysis is just a passive treatment option and remaining kidney functions will continue to be lost, patients have to have dialysis for several times each week. Some patients can not afford the cost of long term dialysis. What is more, long term dialysis can cause a series of side effects and complications.

For many dialysis patients, the cure for kidney failure except dialysis seems to be only one choice, that is kidney transplant. Kidney transplant can help patients regain kidney functions, get rid of dialysis and once again lead a normal life. It is an effective and ideal treatment option for many end stage renal failure patients because patients can improve kidney functions within short time after the surgery and their disease can be said to a certain degree to be cured.

Besides kidney transplant, there is alternative option that is good choice for those that can not have kidney transplant and for those that have no matching kidney donors. It is more natural and patients do not need to do surgery. It is called immunotherapy which is the ideal combination of Chinese therapies and western therapies.

Compared with kidney transplant, immunotherapy requires longer time to have obvious effects, but the curative effects are lasting and durable because immunotherapy aims at addressing both the primary and secondary aspects of kidney failure. It can not only help ease symptoms and control complications, but also can help promote the repairing of damaged renal tissues and regeneration of new renal functioning tissues so as to recover renal structures and improve renal functions. Only when the underlying cause of kidney failure is well controlled and renal functions are improved can it is called cure for kidney failure.

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