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Best Therapy for Glomerulonephritis—Chinese Herbal Treatment

2018-01-18 16:20

Best Therapy for Glomerulonephritis—Chinese Herbal TreatmentAs for the treatment of Glomerulonephritis (Nephritis), the best therapy is natural Chinese herbal treatment, since it treat the condition from the root cause. If you are curious about it, please follow us to go on reading this article or click Online Doctor to get free details.

First, what is glomerulonephritis?

In general, glomerulonephritis is the general term of a group of renal diseases, which is characterized by glomerular filtration inflammation. When the inflammation occurs in glomerulus, the glomerulus are unable to function properly to maintain protein and blood stay in the body, thus causing protein or red blood cells leak into urine. If without timely therapy, chronic inflammation will worsen kidney damage, causing decreased renal function and high blood pressure.

Second, how does Chinese herbal treatment work in glomerulonephritis?

Chinese herbal treatment is a systematic therapy which has a set of Chinese treatments including Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Foot Bath, Medicated bath, Steaming Therapy, Acupuncture therapy, etc.

For Nephritis patients, their kidneys have been impaired badly and have accumulated a large number of toxins and wastes in blood. These toxins will counteract the effect of medication you take and cause further kidney damage.

Based on the case, systematic Chinese herbal treatments will first purify blood through dilating blood vessels, accelerating blood circulation, and reducing inflammation. In addition, the treatments can degrade extracellular matrix, provide nutrients and oxygen to kidneys, and repair impaired kidney cells. With the treatment, nephritis and its symptoms like proteinuria or swelling or blood in urine would be treated radically.

Timely therapy can reverse the glomerulonephritis in early stage. If you are interested in systematic Chinese herbal treatment, please email medical reports and phone number to or leave a message below or click Online Doctor for free guidance.

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