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Treatment For Sallow Complexion In Kidney Failure

2013-05-10 09:49

treatment for sallow complexion in kidney failureI have never had rosy cheeks since I developed kidney failure and I always have pale and sallow complexion. What can I do to get my skin back to normal, can I get rid of the sallow complexion and will my cheeks become rosy again? How should I do?

This is the common complain among renal failure patients. Due to loss of more than 80% or even 90% kidney functions, the severely impaired kidneys cannot produce enough erythropoietin and this is the main cause of pale and sallow complexion. Besides, poor blood circulation and high toxins in the blood are all the possible causes.

Though sallow complexion may not be very serious, it can reflect more root problem and renal anemia will cause very serious consequence if left untreated, therefore early and effective treatment should be sought. According to the causes of anemia due to renal failure, proper diets, drugs and medications, EPO and effective treatment for renal failure can help ease the symptoms.

Since renal failure is the very root cause of anemia and sallow complexion, here I recommend an effective treatment called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. On one hand, it is an external application of Chinese medicines and it can help eliminate blood clots and qi stagnation so as to promote blood circulation. The circulating system of the whole body will be improved and skin paleness and sallow complexion can be relived. On the other hand, active ingredients in Chinese medicines can gradually repair damaged renal tissues, promote the generation of new renal functioning tissues so as to help recover renal structure and improve renal functions. When renal functions are improved, more erythropoietin will be secreted and red blood cell count can be improved. Anemia can be treated and rosy cheeks can come back again.

Actually renal failure patients will have many other health issues and sallow complexion is not the only problem. Renal failure will in the end affect nearly every part of the body, patients can develop many problems such as other skin problems like dry or itchy skin, nail and bone problems, digestive and gastrointestinal disorders, etc. When renal functions are improved, all these problems can be solved.

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