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Immunotherapy For Stage 4 Renal Failure

2013-05-11 09:56

Stage 4 renal failure means that patients will soon develop into end stage renal disease and patients will have to prepare for renal replacement therapies---dialysis or kidney transplant.

For stage 4 renal failure patients, if illness conditions can be controlled and further deterioration of kidney functions can be prevented, patients can avoid dialysis and kidney transplant.

Immunotherapy is a good treatment option for stage 4 renal failure patients. It is the combination of Chinese medicines and western medicines and it can help slow down illness progression, protect residual kidney functions and gradually improve renal functions so as to help patients stay far from progressing into the final stage and from dialysis and kidney transplant.

Immunotherapy combines the advantages of both Chinese medicines and western medicines and it can treat both the primary and secondary aspects of renal failure.

Ease symptoms and control complications

Stage 4 renal failure will cause a series of symptoms and complications such as headache, high blood pressure, anemia, fatigue, weakness, swelling, protein and blood in urine, dry or itchy skin, bone pains and other bone problems, nausea, vomiting, poor appetite, poor sleep quality as well as symptoms and complications in other organs and systems.

After the application of immunotherapy, patients can have the following improvements of their illness conditions. High blood pressure decreases, proteinuria and hematuria can be relieved, swelling and fluid retention can be eased, digestive disorders can be improved, appetite and sleep quality can be improved, patients will begin to sweat and cold feeling, tiredness can be much eased after the blood circulation is promoted.

High creatinine decreases and GFR can be improved

What is more important, immunotherapy can gradually repair damaged renal tissues so as to recover normal renal structure and renal functions. The manifestation of improved renal function is lowered serum creatinine levels and enhanced GFR (glomerular filtration rate).

For each patient, different treatment plans will be made according to the patient’s specific illness and physical conditions. What is more important, immunotherapy is no surgery and it is natural and safe. Patients need not worry about the side effects of immunotherapy.

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