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What Can We Take to Solve Kidney Problem

2018-03-10 17:23

Once the test reports showed kidney problem, the patients wonder whether they should do dialysis and is there any cure. But, normal the doctors will tell them to be careful in daily life only. And thus, what can we take to solve kidney problem?

What I must tell you first, once kidney is damaged, there is not way to completely cure it. But please do not worry, the patients can return to the normal life as long as they gasp the time to take the effective managements.

As for dialysis, it will be recommended in some emergency situations, but it is possible for the patients to take the life-long dialysis when creatinine level is more than 8.0mg/dl (or 707umol/L). However, as long as the patients still have urine output, there exists chances to improve kidney function, and reduce the frequencies of dialysis. What is more some patients have already get rid of it with effective treatments.

And then, what are effective managements for the patients with kidney problem?

I do believe I do not need to underline the important of the well-planned diets with low-salt, low-fat, low-protein and other limitations and the healthy lifestyles without drinking, smoking, staying up late, less or excessive sports and so on.

With the help of all the above aspects and the normal drugs, the patients can not maintain their conditions well. For preventing further damage of kidneys, a comprehensive treatment is in sore need.

In China, Beijing Tongshantang Hospital put forward with Detoxification Therapy in which both advantages of Chinese medicines and Western medicines are adopted to ensure sound and rapid kidney treatment with less untoward reactions. According to the clinical records, some patients turn back to normal life, some keep the creatinine in a low level, some break away from dialysis and some reduce the counts of dialysis.

If you want to gain more information about the measures to kidney problem, please leave a message below or send the medical reports to us. We will try our best to help you.

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