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What Is The Theory Of Blood Stasis For Kidney Disease

2013-05-11 14:36

The theory of blood stasis is a new theory that is put forward to treat various kidney diseases. The core idea of this theory is to treat the polluted blood, recover the body’s normal physiological mechanisms including the mechanisms of clotting, secretion, hematopoietic functions, etc so as to help treat kidney diseases and recover the body’s normal work.

We know that the kidneys are vital organs for maintaining normal life for our body because it can help filter the blood and return the purified blood to all parts of the body to keep the normal functions of all the organs and systems. Therefore it is not difficult to understand why kidney disease patients have many toxins and wastes in their blood. This polluted blood will damage the tissues and organs wherever it flows into and that is why kidney disease is not easy to be cured with traditional treatments.

Based on the theory of blood stasis, it can be divided into 3 steps in treating kidney diseases.

Step 1

Various blood purification technologies will be adopted according to the patient’s current blood system conditions after thorough diagnosis. This step is to remove toxic and wasteful substances in the blood as well as blood stasis on the vascular walls. Advanced blood purification technologies include not only dialysis but also hemofiltration, hemoperfusion, plasma exchange, immune adsorption, etc. Dialysis can only remove small molecule toxins from the blood, more advanced blood purification technologies can help remove middle-sized molecules and macromolecule toxins, immune complexes and other pathogenic factors from the blood so as to achieve better cleaning of the blood and create a favorable internal environment for the following medications and treatments.

Step 2

According to the patient’s blood composition condition as well as the impaired condition of blood coagulation mechanism and hematopoietic function, effective elements will be supplied to recover normal blood clotting and hematopoietic function. When the body’s physiological mechanism is return to normal condition, this can promote the self-repairing of the damaged renal cells and renal tissues.

Step 3

This step is actually to consolidate the curative effects of the second step to make the curative effects lasting and durable so that there is a favorable internal environment for repairing renal damages and recovering renal functions.

In a word, blood stasis theory starts from treating blood stasis through various treatment methods to recover renal functions through rebuilding the body’s hematopoietic mechanism.

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