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Kidney Transplant and Immunotherapy for Treating Kidney Failure

2012-12-20 14:33

In the early stage of renal failure, the illness conditions can be controlled with proper diets and medicines which are far from enough for end stage renal failure.

For end stage renal failure patients, more than 2/3 of their kidney functions have been damaged, thus renal replacement therapy will be needed---dialysis or kidney transplant.

Kidney transplant is one effective therapy for end stage renal failure patients because it can enable healthy kidney functions to the patients so that many clinical symptoms and discomforts will be cured and patients can once again lead a normal life as healthy persons.

However not every patient has the chance to have a matching kidney donor and in some cases, the patients might have some illness conditions that make kidney transplant unsuitable such as severe heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease,etc.

So does it mean hopeless for the majority of end stage renal failure patients who have no chance to have kidney transplant and those that can not afford the huge cost of this surgery.

Of cause there are other treatment options. Compared with kidney transplant, they can not recover so many kidney functions within so short time. But so long as there is chance to improve even little kidney functions, it is worth trying. This is no perfect treatment for end stage renal failure at present and even kidney transplant requires anti-rejection medicines in the rest of their life and the survival rate of the transplanted kidneys is not as good as expected.

Here is the current trend and new method for treating kidney failure and other kidney diseases---immunotherapy. To make it simple, it is the combination of western and Chinese therapies and has taken the advantages of the both. The majority of renal disorder and dysfunction is the deposition of immune complexes and inflammatory reactions in the kidney. Immunotherapy is a scientific and systemic treatment system including accurate diagnosis, blood purification, blockage of further renal damages, regulation of imbalances and protection of kidney functions.

Western therapies focus and are good at alleviating clinical symptoms and Chinese therapies make up the drawback of western therapy to regulate and repair damaged renal tissues and recover certain kidney functions.

In most cases, kidney failure is developed after years and therefore patients should have patience with the treatments and adhere to the prescribed medications and suggestions of the doctors.

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