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How to Improve 10% Kidney Function

2013-05-16 16:06

10% kidney function is not strong enough to sustain a normal life, so for patients with only 10% kidney function left, improving kidney function is necessary. Kidney is an important organ with complicated structure. It helps to expel wastes out of the blood, so when kidney can not perform properly, wastes will build up in the blood, which need dialysis or kidney transplant to deal with. In view of this, getting kidney function improved means a lot for patients. However, for most of the kidney failure patients, how to improve kidney function is the key problem.

For an individual who has only 10% kidney function, there must be high levels of toxin in blood. These harmful substances circulate with blood and may cause further health problems. For this reason, we must purify blood firstly, so as to protect residual kidney tissues and other internal organs. Many medical measures can be used to clean blood and for kidney failure patients, the most common used methods are foot bath, medicated bath, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, plasma exchange, immune adsorption, hemofiltration, hemodialysis and hemoperfustion and so on. Kidney failure patients can choose different methods according to the type and amount of toxins in their blood.

Normally, nutrition we get from diet or substances secreted by our body flow over the body with bloodstream. With high levels of toxins in blood, kidney failure patient’s body can not work normally and they may fail to produce or produce necessary nutrition. Therefore, for kidney failure patients who only have 10% kidney function, they need to replenish some nutrition or elements after purifying blood.

Human tissues or human organs have strong self-repairing ability, which means they can recover within limited times when they are damaged. For one with 10% kidney function, there are dead, injured and healthy tissues in his kidney. These dead kidney tissues can not be revived, but with some medicines which can help to strengthen the self-repairing ability, injured kidney tissues can recover. Besides, a clean blood flow and enough supply of nutrition also offer the injured kidney tissues a favorable environment to recover.

Lastly, although kidney function can be improved with some medicines, even if there is only 10% kidney function left, this treatment method only shows effects for these who still have urine output and this is the last chance for them to improve their kidney function.

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