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How To Treat Kidney Damage with Mildly Decreased GFR

2013-05-17 10:28

Kidney damage and decreased GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate) always go hand in hand. And to some degree, GFR helps to reflect how serious the kidney damages are. Mild kidney damage is always associated with mildly decreased GFR. In that case, with timely and effective treatment, kidney damages can be treated well and GFR can be increased greatly. Well, the problem is how to treat kidney damage with mildly decreased GFR?

GFR is the volume of fluid filtered from the kidney. In kidney, glomerular filtration membrane it is in charge of filtering blood and it is the basal lamina layer of the glomerulus. From this point of view, healthy glomeruli is the key point for kidneys function well to filter blood. When glomeruli are damaged, glomerular filtration membrane will be involved and GFR decreases. In this light, repairing affected glomeruli plays a crucial part in improving GFR.

Our tissues and cells actually have strong self-repairing ability, which means when they are damaged mildly, they can recover by themselves. It is the same with our kidney intrinsic cells. For people with Chronic Kidney Failure, some injured kidney cells can recover with favorable living environment and sufficient nutrition and oxygen. However, for some others, they may need some medicines to help.

Western medicines and Chinese medicines have different characteristic. They see kidney disease in different ways and show different treatment effects. In terms of western medicines, they brings obvious effects in helping to reduce sufferings, but some of them only focus on symptoms and can not treat chronic kidney failure from the root. Differently, Chinese medicines show slow effects, but some of them show great effects in removing blood stasis, improving blood circulation and nourishing kidney tissues. What is more, some effective ingredients in Chinese medicines can activate injured kidney cells to strengthen their self-repairing ability. With these functions, Chinese medicines help damaged glomeruli get recovery successfully and GFR increases.

In early stage of Chronic Kidney Failure, kidney damages are not seriously and they can be treated well ane easily. Also, there is great chance for patients to get mildly decreased GFR recovered. In this light, seizing the chance to get kidney damages treated means a lot for Chronic Kidney Failure patients who are newly diagnosed.

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