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Chinese Medicine For Shrunken Kidney

2013-05-19 13:50

Chinese medicine is an option for people with shrunken kidney which refers to the condition wherein the kidney is smaller than others in size. Here we will give an introduction about how Chinese medicine treat shrunken kidney and what can be expected from this treatment.

How does Chinese medicine treat shrunken kidney?

Shrunken kidney is an abnormal condition and usually occurs due to any disease or non functioning of kidney. It is more common among kidney failure patients and the more serious, the less kidney function.

Chinese medicine as of now is the best choice to deal with shrunken kidney. Blood is a bodily fluid in animals that delivers necessary substances such as nutrients and oxygen to the cells and transports metabolic wastes produced away from those same cells. Kidney is the organ that severs as a filter. During this process, nutrition and oxygen are brought to kidney tissues and also wastes are discharged by kidney. In cases of shrunken kidney, bloodstream in kidney reduces, leading to the ischemia, anoxia and high levels of wastes in blood. Chinese medicine has function to extend blood vessels and improve blood circulation, which can help to increase bloodstream in kidney. Some effective ingredients in Chinese medicine can activate injured kidney intrinsic cells and strengthen their self-repairing ability. In this way, some injured kidney tissues can be repaired.

What can we expect from this treatment?

Compared with some western medicines, Chinese medicines show effects slowly, so patients with shrunken kidney need to insist on the medicine for some time. With different severity of illness condition, patients can receive different effects, but generally they can found:

1. Their GFR gets improved

2. Urine output is increased greatly

3. Sleep quality and appetite become better

4. They become more energic

5. Discomforts caused by shrunken kidney are alleviated effectively

6. For dialysis patients, they may have chance to reduce dialysis frequency and even get off dialysis.

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