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How To Stop Kidney From Shutting Down

2013-05-21 16:42

How to stop kidney from shutting down? When kidneys shut down, various health problems like fluid retention, heart failure, shortness of breath, anemia, mental confusion, seizure and coma will occur. What is worse, patients have to stick on regular dialysis to remove waste products and toxins produced in their body. Therefore, stopping kidneys from shutting down is crucial for all the people, not only kidney disease patients.

For healthy people:

The followings are the several tips for healthy people to protect their kidneys:

1. Monitor blood pressure and blood sugar regular, as Hypertension and Diabetes are proven to be the leading two causes for kidney failure.

2. Quit smoking and drinking

3. Stay well-hydrated. Drinking less water will increase your risk for kidney stone which can cause progressive shuting down of kidney if not treated well.

4. Develop a well-balanced diet and avoid foods that may do harm for your kidneys

5. Have regular physical exercises to strengthen immunity, which can help to prevent unnecessary health problems.

6. Develop regular life style and try to avoid long-term staying up.

For kidney disease patients:

Stopping kidney from shuting down seems more important and urgent for kidney disease patients, as they are more likely to suffer from end stage renal failure because of existent kidney problems.

To protect residual kidney function and stopping kidneys from shutting down, the following measures are imperative:

1. If the kidney problem is secondary, remember to bring primary illness condition under control. This is one of the important part of the treatment for kidney disease.

2. Tightly control high blood pressure, proteinuria, hematuria and anemia and so on. Although these problems occur because of decreased kidney function, they in turn accelerate kidney problem to kidney failure stage. Therefore, tight control of these symptoms is very important for one to stop kidney from shuting down.

3. Make diet changes according to specific illness conditions. With different severity of kidney problem, kidney disease patients need to follow different dietary principles. (We offer online-service here. Yo can consult our consultant directly if you want to learn more details)

4. Treat kidney damages and this will help to improve your kidney condition. As for the treatment, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is recommended. This treatment is based on Chinese herbs and show obvious treatment effects in improving kidney function.

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