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How To Overcome Chronic Kidney Failure

2013-05-23 14:18

To be successful in overcoming chronic kidney failure, it is necessary for patients to receive a comprehensive treatment which may include their diet, life style, tight control of symptoms, repairing of injured kidney cells and improvement of kidney function. Read on to know how to overcome chronic kidney failure.

Chronic Kidney Failure is a kidney disorder with long illness course. It is not formed overnight, so the treatment also needs a long time. Because of this, it is imperative for chronic kidney failure patients to be patient and follow on doctor’s orders strictly.

Guidance about how to overcome Chronic Kidney Failure:

Firstly, Chronic Kidney Failure can not be cured overnight, so bringing all the symptoms like high blood pressure, proteinuria and anemia under control to avoid further kidney damages is necessary. Many western medicines like ACEI, prednisone, cyclophosphanide and some immunosuppressive agents can be used to achieve this medical purpose. Also, this step plays an important part in slowing down illness condition.

Secondly, purify blood to create a favorable living environment for kidney tissues. In severe cases, renal replacement therapy like hemodialysis, hemoperfustion, plasma exchange, immune absorption will be needed. However, for people whose kidney problem is not serious enough, they can try some Chinese medicine like medicated bath(dipping), massage, acupuncture and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. All these methods show great effects in improving blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

Thirdly, replenish necessary nutrition for the body. Similar with cells in our hand, kidney intrinsic cells also have a certain self-repairing ability. For Chronic Kidney Failure patients, their kidney cells which are injured mildly can recover if we offer them with sufficient oxygen and various nutrition.

Fourthly, improve kidney function. In this step, some medicines that can strengthen the self-repairing ability of these serious damaged kidney intrinsic cells. When kidney tissues are affected severely, their working ability will decreased, so by activating them and help them recover, working ability of kidney tissues can be increased and kidney function can be improved greatly.

Fifthly, adjust your diet to avoid foods that may do harm for your kidney. Usually, Chronic Kidney Failure patients need to follow low-salt diet, low-protein diet, low-potassium, low-phosphorus diet, high-calcium diet and high-vitamin diet. But due to the difference illness condition, food lists for them may be different from case to case. This is the reason why we can not find a food list that is suitable for all the kidney failure patients. (For more information about Chronic Kidney Failure diet, you can consult our consultant online)

Six, have a regular and healthy life style. Quit smoking and drinking. Avoid staying up at night and keep being optimistic.

All the above measures for imperative for overcoming chronic kidney failure. If there is anything unclear, please leave us message directly:

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