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Natural Cure For Renal Function 20%

2013-05-26 11:32

To be honest, renal function 20% is really a good condition compared with those who have started dialysis. And they have more chance to live a high quality life, if they can take actions immediately to make better improvement about their kidney condition. Well then, what is the natural cure for renal function 20%?

When it comes to kidney failure, it is impossible to guarantee the patients that they can be cured with some medications or treatments, because currently there is no cure for renal failure. Renal failure is the illness condition in which most of the kidney function are impaired. Affected kidneys can not competent for adjusting blood pressure, balancing electrolyte, fluid, acid-base, producing urine, discharging wastes and secreting necessary hormones. This is the reason why renal failure patients experience various discomforts.

For patients with 20% renal function, most of their kidney tissues have been injured and some of them even become necrotic. For these necrotic kidney tissues, they can not be revived, so they can not be cured. But with a certain medications, these injured kidney intrinsic cells can be repaired. Actually, our body cells, including kidney intrinsic cells, have a certain self-repairing ability. When the damage is mild, they can recover by themselves over time. However, if the damages are too serious, medicines will be needed to help to increase their self-repairing ability.

For patients with 20% renal function, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy( Here we provide video about this treatment) can be used to improve kidney function. Micro-Chinese medicine is not a simple herb, but a combination of several herbs. These herbs show different effects in treating renal problem like expansion of blood vessels, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation and degradation. By combining these herbs, blood flow in kidney can be improved and what’s more, injured kidney intrinsic cells can be activated to work again by effective ingredients.

For renal failure patients, renal function keeps decreasing as more and more kidney intrinsic cells become necrotic. Therefore, when these injured kidney cells are protected from being dead, kidney function gets improved. For patients with renal function 20%, they have great chance to get their illness condition improved. Although there is no natural for them, by improving kidney function, they can delay dialysis and even avoid dialysis completely.

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