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Best Way To Reduce Toxins Without Dialysis

2013-05-27 11:11

What is the best way to reduce toxins without dialysis? For people with completely failed kidney, dialysis is required to purify blood, so as to avoid further health tissues. Dialysis is the most commonly used method to clean blood, but disappointedly, dialysis is torturous and what is more, treatment effect is temporary; so it is not a long-term solution at all. Well then, is there any other methods to purify blood and what is the best way to reduce toxins without dialysis.

What happens with toxins in blood?

Blood is an bodily fluid that delivers necessary substances such as nutrients and oxygen to the cells and transports metabolic waste products away. Also, antibodies in blood can help to protect our body from being affected by harmful substances.

For kidney failure patients, toxins build up in the blood as failed kidney can not discharge these harmful substances successfully. These toxins affect blood from working normally, which can lead to a series of problems. Besides, toxins circulate with blood and they may reach any part of our body. This is the reason why kidney failure patients may experience various problems like heart problems, respiratory problems, gastrointestinal problems and nerve problems and so on. All these health tissues can become the ultimate cause for kidney failure patients’ death.

what is the best way to reduce toxins without dialysis?

Dialysis is the direct way, not the best way to reduce toxins due to its disadvantageous. For renal failure patients, to get toxins out of the blood radically, repairing kidney damages to improve kidney function is imperative.

In an affected kidney, there are healthy, injured and necrotic kidney intrinsic cells. Healthy kidney cells can function properly and for injured kidney cells, although they are damaged, they are still alive and also have a certain working ability. However, for these necrotic kidney tissues, they are dead and can not work any more. According to current medical technology, necrotic kidney cells can not be brought back to life to function again, so kidney failure can not be cured at all. Well, fortunately, these injured kidney cells can be repaired by taking their advantage of self-repairing ability. Kidney cells lose their working ability gradually, as the damages are out of their self-repairing ability and under such a condition, some medicines like micro-Chinese medicine can be used to strengthen their self-curative ability.

Toxins build up in blood as kidney function is impaired. When injured kidney cells are repaired to work again, kidney function gets improved and toxins are reduce naturally. Differently from dialysis, this treatment method resolves problem from the root cause, so it can be regarded as the best way to reduce toxins without dialysis.

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