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Stage 4 Kidney Failure And Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

2013-06-11 10:46

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a relatively new treatment for stage 4 kidney failure which progresses to End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) and put patients on dialysis directly if left uncontrolled. Occurrence of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy meets stage 4 kidney failure patients’ demand successfully, as it can helps to reduce sufferings effectively. And what is more, it causes no discomforts during the whole treatment process. Well then, how is stage 4 kidney failure treated by Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy at all?

How is stage 4 kidney failure treated by Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy?

Stage 4 kidney failure is a sever illness condition. Through not serious enough to require patients to start dialysis, it brings patients lots of gnawing symptoms.

Stage 4 kidney failure patients experience bothersome symptom as affected kidneys fail to discharge toxins in blood which may damage any part of our body and cause lots of unnecessary health problems. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy treats stage 4 kidney failure by repairing injured kidney intrinsic cells, increasing bloodstream in kidney, removing blood stasis in blood and improving blood circulation.

In an affected kidney, there are healthy, injured and dead kidney intrinsic cells. For these dead, we can not revive them at all, but for these injured and still alive, they can be repaired with active ingredients in micro-Chinese medicine. Besides, to get successful recovery, a good living environment and nutrition are necessary. Blood flow into kidney and meanwhile bring nutrition to kidney tissues. Micro-Chinese medicine can extend blood vessels and increase blood flow in kidney. In this way, injured kidney tissues can get necessary nutrition and oxygen from blood.

Micro-Chinese medicine is not an independent herb, but a combination of several Chinese herbs. These herbs are selected carefully and used externally in Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. While taking this treatment, what stage 4 kidney failure patients need to do is to lie on the bed for about 40 minutes. Compared with some western medicines, Chinese herbs work slowly, so being patient and insisting on this treatment is very necessary.

For stage 4 kidney failure patients, after taking Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, they may feel warm in their limbs and their face become ruddy. Symptoms like anemia, fatigue, poor appetite and insomnia all are alleviated and what is more, they can notice their urine output gets increased. When observing their urine, cotton-like materials can be found, which indicates wastes in blood are expelling out of the body.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is not the treatment for stage 4 kidney failure patients, but it is the only option for patients to avoid dialysis without causing side effects. Lastly, we offer on-line service. If there is anything unclear about stage 4 kidney failure and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, you can consult our consultant online, or leave us message directly:

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