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Can I Stop The Progression of Stage 3 Kidney Failure

2013-06-11 17:58

Can I stop the progression of stage 3 kidney failure? If yes, how? Stage 3 kidney failure is marked by the moderate decrease of kidney function. It brings patients bothersome symptoms and make them unable in enjoying a free and high quality life. What is worse, it can progress over time and finally develop to end stage kidney failure. Therefore, finding an effective treatment to stop progression of stage 3 kidney failure is very important.

Why does stage 3 kidney failure progress over time?

It is highly believed that chronic kidney failure can not be stopped from progressing. Actually, this is totally wrong. Kidney disease in early stage can be stopped easily, but the problem is many patients do not realize they have kidney problem until their illness condition progresses to a relatively sever stage.

For stage 3 kidney failure patients, at least a half of kidney tissues have been damaged. Under such a condition, residual kidney tissues have to bear more burden. If this condition lasts a long time, these healthy kidney tissues are injured easily due to overwork. In addition, for stage 3 kidney failure second to other illness like Diabetes, Hypertension and Lupus, poor control of primary disease also should be blamed for the quick progression of illness.

Aside from the above causes, improper diet, infection and poor control of blood sugar, blood pressure and proteinuria all can accelerate stage 3 kidney failure turn into end stage renal disease.

How to stop the progression of stage 3 kidney failure?

There are many factors that can cause progression of stage 3 kidney failure. And if we want to receive satisfied effects in stopping progression of stage 3 kidney failure, we must remove all these factors effectively. Generally, we need to:

1. Keep blood pressure and blood sugar into normal range.

2. Stage 3 kidney failure patients usually have a low immunity and under such a condition, preventing cold and infection actively is very imperative, as they can cause acute progression of illness condition.

3. Make a proper change about your diet, and this is strictly based on the specific illness condition.

4. Treat proteinuria, which can help to slow down illness progression.

5. Protect residual kidney tissues from being affected by strengthening their immunity. For this point, some herbs can be applied.

6. Dead kidney tissues can not be revived, but injured kidney intrinsic cells can be repaired if the treatment is timely and effective. For stage 3 kidney failure patients, successful repairing of some kidney cells can help to reduce the burden on other kidney tissues and thus protect them from be affected to some extent. Furthermore, kidney condition gets improved as well when injured kidney intrinsic cells are repaired effectively.

7. Quit smoking and drinking alcohol.

The above are the several tips that can help to stop progression of stage 3 kidney failure. If there is anything unclear, please feel free to consult us.

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