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Points For Kidney Failure Patients To Live Longer

2013-06-22 11:44

Life may be deprived at any time for kidney failure patients due to failed kidneys. Although life is threatened seriously, some kidney failure patients still can live a very long time. Why is this? Why kidney failure patients have different life span and what are the points for kidney failure patients to live longer?

Why do kidney failure patients have different life span?

Life span and life expectancy of kidney failure depend on patients’ specific physical condition, illness condition and management toward the illness very much. Though with the same disease, patients may have different attitude or treatment methods toward it. And this is the most important factor that differ kidney failure patients’ life span.

Points for kidney failure patients to live longer?

Though kidney failure is incurable now, but it is quite possible for patients to improve the life quality and increase life span by taking some measures. The followings are the several points for kidney failure patients to live longer:

1. If you are a diabetic or living with Hypertension, make your blood sugar or blood pressure is in the normal range.

2. If excess protein and red blood cells are detected in urine, try to reduce the amount of them as less as possible and as quickly as possible.

3. Try to repair these kidney intrinsic cells who are damaged mildly and protect residual kidney tissues from being affected. Chinese herbs can be used to achieve this purpose.

4. Prevent cold and infection actively and this will lower your risk for acute kidney failure

5. Follow on diet principles ordered by your doctor strictly. A scientific diet help you control your illness condition well and for a improper diet, it will increase kidney burden and worsen kidney condition. (Leave message to for exact food lists for kidney failure)

6. If you have developed habits of smoking and drinking alcohol, kick them immediately. As for this point, you can ask your family members, friends and doctors for help.

7. Develop good and regular living habits. Do not make yourself exhausted and go do bed early at night.

8. Be optimistic and keep yourself in good mood.

The above are the several points that can help kidney failure patients to live longer. If there is anything unclear, please feel free to consult our consultant online.

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