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Herbal Medicine For Kidney Repair

2013-06-28 08:41

What is the herbal medicine for kidney repair? It is widely known, not only for kidney failure patients, but also for healthy people, that kidney tissues can not be revived, but this does not mean injured kidney intrinsic cells can be repaired. In this text, we will introduce a herbal medicine that can help to repair kidney damages and hope it is helpful for you. In addition, we offer online service, and if there is anything unclear or you have further questions after reading this article, please feel free to consult our consultant online.

Micro-Chinese medicine-herbal medicine for kidney repair

Micro-Chinese medicine is the medicine that can be used to repair kidney damages and it works by performing the following functions:

Extend blood vessels

For kidney failure patients, by extending their blood vessels, not only their elevated blood pressure can be lowered, their blood circulation also can be improved. Elevated blood pressure is a dominant symptom of kidney failure. Although it occurs due to kidney damages, it can cause further kidney damages and worsen kidney condition. Therefore, successful control of blood pressure is an important part for protect residual kidney tissues. Besides, when blood circulation gets improved, injured kidney intrinsic cells can get enough nutrition and oxygen which is very essential for them to get recovery.


Kidney failure is just a consequence of long-term or acute kidney problem. According to clinical studies, in more than 95% cases of kidney disease, kidney damages are caused by overactive inflammation. With the increase of kidney damages, kidney disease progresses to kidney failure gradually. Seeing from this angle, blocking inflammation is necessary. By performing function of anti-inflammation, kidney failure patients can get their illness condition controlled very well.


kidney is the organ that takes charge of excreting wastes. When kidneys fail to function properly, wastes build up in blood, which not only worsen blood circulation, but also cause threaten to other internal organs. What is worse, in such a case, blood clotting are caused easily. Micro-Chinese medicines help to lower kidney failure patients’ risk for stroke through function of anti-coagulation.

Degrade extracellular matrix

Due to kidney abnormalities, large amounts of extracellular matrix will be formed. They surround kidney tissues or kidney intrinsic cells and make them unable in getting nutrition and oxygen. Micro-Chinese medicine degrades extracellular matrix and help to provide a favorable living environment for the recovery of injured kidney intrinsic cells.

Micro-Chinese medicine is a herbal medicine and it repair kidney damages by providing good living environment and activating them to work again. Similar with cells in our hand, kidney intrinsic cells also have a certain self-repairing ability and when the damages are mild, they can recover by themselves. Besides, for these which are injured seriously, effective ingredients in micro-Chinese medicines can activate them and help them recover. Lastly, it is hard to explain this herbal medicine well with several words. If you are interested in this treatment and want to learn more detailed information about it, please see this video

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