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Can A Patient On Dialysis Be Cured

2013-07-08 14:57

Can a patient on dialysis be cured? Dialysis is such a torturous medical method that some kidney failure patients would rather die than start it. And for these who have started dialysis, getting off dialysis effectively will be their greatest pursuit. Well then, how to can a patient on dialysis be cured to get rid of dialysis?

Can a patient on dialysis be cured?

As for this questions, I’d like to say it depends on the exact illness condition. For people who do dialysis due to acuter kidney failure, it is quite possible for them to get off dialysis with timely and effective treatment. Whereas, chronic kidney failure can not be cured, but patients’ kidney function can be improved partially and as long as the residual kidney function is strong enough to help patients sustain their life, they can get rid of dialysis.

How to improve kidney function for dialysis patients?

Kidney is a bean-shaped organ with size of our fist. In normal condition, blood bring nutritions and oxygen to the whole body and take wastes which come from the normal breakdown of active muscle and from the foot you eat away. Blood flow into kidney through renal artery and then is filter by the tiny units inside our kidneys called nephrons. During this process, wastes and nutritions are separated. Wastes and excess fluid are discharged as urine and nutritions are kept in the body.

For dialysis patients, their kidney tissues are damaged and can not work normally. For this reason, wastes can not be discharged successfully and also nutritions like protein leak into urine. In their kidneys, there are healthy, injured and necrotic kidney intrinsic cells. Necrotic kidneys cells have lost almost all their working ability and as of now there is no such a treatment method that can help to revive them, so it is impossible to help to them to work again. But for injured kidney intrinsic cells, there is great chance for them to recover. Similar with cells in our other body parts, kidney cells also have a certain self-repairing ability. Generally speaking, if the damages are mild, they can recover by themselves. However, if the damages are out of their self-curative ability, they will become necrotic gradually. Under such a condition, some medicines are needed to strengthen their self-repairing ability and help them to recover again. For dialysis patients, when injured kidney cells are repaired effectively, their kidney function gets improved and their chance to getting off dialysis is increased greatly.

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