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How To Reverse Kidney Disease With 40% Kidney Function

2013-07-09 09:42

What can we do to reverse kidney disease when only 40% kidney function left? Kidney disease is not deadly in early and moderate stage, but extremely life-threatening in advanced stage. Therefore, protecting kidney function from being impaired is extremely important. Well then, how to reverse kidney disease with 40% kidney function?

Kidney is a bean-shaped organ with strong compensatory ability. In early stage of kidney disease, only a small amount of kidney tissues are damaged. At that time, the residual kidney tissues are strong enough to replace injured kidney cells to work, so no obvious discomforts or symptoms are caused. This is the reason why early stage kidney disease is hard to be found.

Without timely diagnosis and treatment, kidney disease keeps progressing. Usually, various symptoms like high blood pressure, proteinuria, swelling and fatigue appear when illness condition develops to stage 3. For people with 40% kidney function, more than a half of kidney tissues have been injured and lost their working ability. Under such a condition, if we want to reverse kidney disease, we need to:

First of all, protect residual kidney tissues from being injured

Kidney disease progresses as more and more kidney tissues are injured and become incapable in function well. Therefore, protecting residual kidney tissues from being injured is the key point to stop progression of kidney disease. In general, in order to achieve goal, we need to bring blood pressure and blood sugar into normal range, tightly control proteinuria, arrange a beneficial diet, developing regular and good living habit, as well as strengthen residual kidney tissues.

Secondly, repair injured kidney intrinsic cells to improve kidney function

When some kidney intrinsic cells lose their working ability, the residual one will have to work more hardly. If this condition lasts for a long time, the residual kidney tissues will be injured easily due to overwork. Seeing from this point of view, effectively repairing injured kidney intrinsic cells not only help to improve kidney function, but also aid to reduce the burden on residual kidney tissues which is very helpful for protecting residual kidney function.

For people with 40% kidney function, as long as kidney intrinsic cells are repaired without affecting kidney tissues, kidney function gets improved and kidney disease is reversed to some extent.

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