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What To Do With GFR 51

2013-07-10 16:56

What to do with GFR 51? To understand well about its answer, it is necessary to firstly learn about what GFR is and what GFR 51 mean.

What is GFR?

GFR is the abbreviation of Glomerular Filtration Rate which is the volume of fluid filtered by the kidneys within a certain period of time, so GFR is aways measured to know how well the kidney function.

What does GFR 51 mean?

Normally, GFR ranges from 90-120 mL/min/1.73m2 and also there is no evidence of kidney damages. GFR 51 is clearly lower than the normal range, which always indicate kidney problem. Kidneys help us discharge waste products produced in our body through filtering blood. Low GFR mean kidneys can not filter blood successfully and this may cause buildup of wastes in the blood. Under such a condition, a series of measures are needed to improve kidney condition.

What to do with GFR 51?

For people with GFR 51, they generally need to improve their kidney condition through the following several aspects:

1. Well-planed diet

Diet is an essential part of the treatment for kidney disease. There is no such a food list that is suitable for all the patients due to the difference of illness condition, but kidney disease patients usually need to reduce protein intake, result salt intake, result fluid intake if there is swelling as well as reduce potassium intake and phosphorus intake if lab tests show high levels of potassium and phosphorus level in blood.

2. Tight control of blood pressure and blood sugar

Persistent high blood pressure and high blood sugar increase kidney burden and cause further damages on kidney. Therefore, bringing blood pressure and blood sugar into normal range is very necessary for kidney disease patients and this will help them to prevent further decrease of GFR.

3. Protect residual kidney tissues and try to reverse kidney function

Chronic Kidney Disease can not be cured, as dead kidney tissues can not be revived. But this does not mean kidney function can not be improved. Basing on clinical observation, kidney function can be reversed to some degree by repairing injured kidney intrinsic cells. As for this point, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can be applied.

4. Avoid cold and infection

Avoid cold and infection which are the leading risk factors of kidney disease.

5. Quit bad living habits

Quit smoking, drinking alcohol, staying up and try to develop regular bed time

6. Keep being optimistic and visit doctors regularly

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