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Can You Raise Your GFR Level

2013-07-30 14:27

Can You Raise Your GFR LevelCan you raise your GFR level? Low GFR always indicates kidney problem, and it means kidney can not filter blood effectively. Therefore, keeping GFR in normal range (90-120mL/min/1.73m2) is very essential. Well then, is it possible for us to raise GFR one being diagnosed with kidney disease?

What are the Effects of low GFR?

GFR stands for Glomerular Filtration Rate and refers to the volume of fluid filtered by kidney within a certain time. When kidneys are affected, they become unable to filter blood effectively, leading to low GFR. While filtering blood, wastes in the body are separated from nutritions and finally discharged out of our body as urine. With low GFR, blood can not be filtered timely within a certain time, which can lead to the build up of toxins in blood. These toxins may circulate with blood and cause damages on other body parts. Therefore, it is necessary to raise GFR for kidney disease patients.

Can you raise your GFR level?

Many people believe that GFR can not be raised any more once being lowered down, as injured kidney tissues can not be repaired. Actually, this is a wrong idea. Necrotic kidney tissues can not be revived, but some injured kidney intrinsic cells can be repaired successfully. Therefore, it is possible for kidney disease patients to raise their GFR effectively.

As for the medicine that can be used to repair injured kidney intrinsic cells, micro-Chinese medicine is recommended. Micro-Chinese medicine is a combination of several herbs which are used externally in this treatment. All these herbs are crushed into powerful before putting into usage and with the help of osmoscope, effective ingredients in these herbs get into kidney lesion directly. They activate these injured kidney cells and help them to work again by strengthening their self-curative ability. In this way, GFR can be raised effectively and as long as kidney function gets improved, toxins are discharged timely and successfully within a certain time.

Lastly, although micro-Chinese medicine is helpful for kidney disease patients, it only shows effects among these who have a certain kidney function. Therefore, it is of great importance for kidney disease patients to seize this chance to improve their kidney condition and raise their GFR.

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