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Does Fish Oil Help Kids Kidney

2013-08-10 13:59

Does Fish Oil Help Kids KidneyDoes fish oil help kids kidney? Once kidney function is impaired, various measures that can help kidneys keep healthy will be put into use by patients, as End Stage Renal Disease will be the last consequence if no action is taken. For kids, they have a long way to go in their life and it is necessary for their parents to find some effective methods to help them improve affected kidney function. Fish oil is said to be able to help kids kidney. Is this true? If yes, how does it work?

Does fish oil help kids kidney?

Many Chronic Kidney Disease are immunologically mediated and kidney are damaged due to inflammation in kidney which occurs as a result that immune protein deposit in kidney. When kidney tissues are injured seriously and fail to function properly, protein leak into urine, causing proteinuria. If this condition can not be controlled effectively and timely, kidney damages will be more and more seriously and also more and more symptoms occur. Fish oil is believed to be helpful for kidney owing to omega-3 fatty acids wich can be founded in fish oil. Omega-3 fatty acids are tested to have anti-inflammatory effects and by blocking inflammation in kidney, further kidney damages can be avoided or delayed to some extend. Also, this contributes to the alleviation of all the symptoms like proteinuria, hematuria, anemia, and tiredness and so on.

For kids with kidney problem, fish oil is helpful, but it can not solve problem radically. We know inflammation occurs as there are deposition in kidney, so as long as deposition still exist in kidney, inflammation occurs again sooner or later. The best solution for kidney problem is to clear deposition away from kidney and meanwhile prevent formation of new deposition. Only in this way, can kidney damages be avoided or prevented from the root. As for the treatment that can help to achieve this purpose, Immunotherapy is recommended. Immunotherapy is a combination of Chinese medicines and western medicines. It is divided to six steps and if you are interested in this treatment method, you can leave message to to get more detailed information.

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