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Different Ways To Help Kidney Failure

2013-08-11 17:52

Oral medicine is the most common way to treat kidney problem and when illness deteriorates to kidney failure stage, dialysis and kidney transplant are considered as the last two ways to save patients’ life. Oral medicines, dialysis and kidney transplant are necessary in some cases, but it does not mean they are all the ways that can be applied to help kidney failure patients. Clinically, aside from these methods, there are some other ways that show great effects in treating kidney failure.

Here we will introduce some alternative ways to help kidney failure patients. If you are interested in them and want to have further understanding of them, please leave message to directly.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

We say Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an alternative treatment for kidney failure, as it works totally different from oral medicines, dialysis and kidney transplant. It is a herbal treatment and usage of herbs in this treatment breaks the convention. We know in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), all these herbs are boiled and later the soup with effective ingredients are drunk. However, in Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, herbs are used externally by putting them in the kidney location. Before the usage, all these herbs are crushed into powder and packed with special gauze. Later, with the help of osmoscope, active ingredients in herbs can go to kidney lesion directly through meridian. (Click to learn more about Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy)


In Immunotherapy, both Chinese medicine and western medicine are used. They have their own characteristics in treating kidney failure and by combining their advantages, treatment effects can be improved. Besides, Immunotherapy is helpful, but it is only available for these who still have a certain urine output. Therefore, if you are a kidney failure patient and can meet this condition, seizing your chance to improve kidney function with Immunotherapy will be a wise choice.

Polluted Blood Therapy

Polluted blood therapy is an option for kidney failure patients. Different from other treatments which treat kidney problem by treating kidney damages and controlling symptoms, polluted blood therapy treats kidney failure by treating polluted blood.

In normal condition, our body organ and cells can get enough nutrition, oxygen and other essential substances from blood. When blood is polluted severely, hemopoietic system and other body systems will be involved, which can cause further kidney damages and more and more health tissues. By treating polluted blood, not only hemopoietic system and other body systems can be repaired gradually, living condition of kidney can be improved. Later, by taking full use of the self-curative ability of our body, kidney function can be restored to some extend.

The above are the three different ways to help kidney failure patients. And according to their mechanism of action, they are suitable for different patients. Therefore, for a kidney failure patient, knowing his illness condition well and then choose the right treatment is very essential.

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