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Dialysis Not Create Urine

2013-08-13 14:50

What is the effect of dialysis on urine output? Decreasing urine output is the typical characteristic of Chronic Kidney Failure and also we firmly believe that anuria means kidneys have failed completely. Dialysis is a commonly used when Chronic Kidney Failure, so will it help to produce urine? As for this question, I am afraid I have to say “No, dialysis not create urine”.

Why dialysis not create urine and how dialysis help Chronic Kidney Failure?

Dialysis is necessary for Chronic Kidney Failure as it can helps to purify blood. In our kidney, there is glomerular filtration membrane which can perform filtration function with mechanical barrier and charge barrier. While blood flow this membrane, nutritions and waste products in the blood will be separated. Nutrition is kept in blood and wases are finally discharged as urine. Therefore, in normal condition, kidneys carry out the duty of purify blood.

For an individual, when his kidneys are injured for some reason, wastes in his body will not be expelled timely and effectively. High levels of toxins in the blood not only threaten injured kidney, but also other internal organs. Therefore, removing these harmful substances from blood is very essential.

For Chronic Kidney Failure patients, dialysis is applied to replace failed kidney purify blood outside the body. It can not create urine as it can not help to restore kidney function. On the contrary, long-term application of dialysis does harm for the residual kidney intrinsic cells.

Alternative treatment options for Chronic Kidney Disease

Though dialysis as of now is the most commonly used method among Chronic Kidney Failure patients, it actually is not a must for these who still have a certain urine output. In that case, patient can try some other alternative treatments like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Immunotherapy and polluted blood therapy. Chronic Kidney Failure can not be cured with these alternative treatments, but kidney function can be improved effectively after the treatment. As long as impaired kidney function gets improved, dialysis is avoided and urine output is increased greatly.

Lastly, these treatments show different effects in different cases and this is closely related with patients’ illness condition. You can send your test reports to or describe your illness condition for us, our experts will help you analysize and suggest you the possible treatment effects with different treatments.

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