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Kidney Shrinkage:Cause,Treatment, Diet

2013-08-14 10:27

Kidney Shrinkage:Cause,Treatment, DietKidney shrinkage is an abnormal kidney condition. It means kidney becomes smaller and smaller for some reason. In our daily life, many conditions can cause kidney shrinkage and once this abnormal condition occurs, treatment and a well-planed diet are necessary. Here, we will give an overall introduction about the cause, treatment and diet for kidney shrinkage.

What can cause kidney shrinkage?

Kidney shrinkage can be attributable to many conditions or illnesses like long standing kidney infection, renal ischemia, blockage of renal artery, reflux nephropathy and kidney failure and so on.

In many cases, kidney shrinkage occurs as a result of kidney failure which is the worst kidney condition and also the final consequence of both chronic and acute kidney problem. For people with kidney shrinkage caused by kidney failure, their residual kidney function is proportional to the size of their kidney. Usually, the larger the kidney, the better the kidney function. Therefore, kidney size is a way for us to estimate the residual kidney function.

What is the treatment for kidney shrinkage?

Since kidney failure is the common cause of kidney shrinkage, here we will mainly introduce how to treat kidney atrophy due to failed kidney.

For an individual with failed and atrophied kidney, the best solution should be increase blood flow in kidney and improved impaired function. Kidney size becomes smaller because of the necrosis of kidney tissues and this condition occurs easily when kidneys fail to get enough blood. This is the reason why increase bloodstream in kidney is essential for treating kidney shrinkage. Besides, kidney takes charge of filtering blood. When kidney tissues are injured seriously, blood can not be filtered timely and effectively, which can lead to the further deterioration of kidney shrinkage. For this reason, impairing injured kidney tissues to improve kidney function is also essential.

As for the treatment that can be applied to treat kidney shrinkage includes Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Immunotherapy, Polluted Blood Therapy and some oral medicine and so no. Kidney shrinkage patients can choose the right treatment according to their specific illness condition.

How to arrange diet with kidney shrinkage?

A well-planed diet for kidney shrinkage patients are low-protein diet, low-salt diet, low-phosphorus diet, high-calcium diet and low-potassium diet if lab tests show elevated potassium level in blood. Also, they need to limit fluid intake if their body parts become swollen due to decreased kidney function. For kidney shrinkage patients, the diet arrangement depends upon illness condition, so it is really hard for us to give an exact recipe that is beneficial for all the patients. But we offer online service, if you have any questions about diet, treatment and cause for kidney shrinkage, you can leave us message or direct consult our online doctors.

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