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Chronic Kidney Failure Treatment

Here is on currently available treatment methods for chronic kidney failure, including chinese medicine, blood purification, dialysis, blood plasma exchange, Immunotherapy, etc.

Can A Kidney Go From Being Healthy to Stage 4 In 12 Months

Can a kidney go from being healthy to stage 4 in 12 months? If you are interested in this, you can chat with Online Doctor for free information. It is possible for a kidney to be damaged badly within 12 month. Such as a kidney failure cause...Read More

Can Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Help Kidney Failure before dialysis

I am very concerned about my mothers health. She has recently been diagnosed with kidney failure, stage 5. After much internet research, I came across a treatment that can help reverse her diagnosis called the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmothe...Read More

How Does Chinese Treatment Improve the Performance of Kidney

As kidney disease progresses, most kidney functions will decrease. Dialysis does not help patients inhibit renal dysfunction, so many patients seek Chinese medicine treatment. How does Chinese medicine improve the performance of kidney?...Read More

Why Does Chronic Nephritis Relapse Frequently, How to Treat Effectively

Most of patients are bothered by this problem: why does Chronic Nephritis relapse frequently? What is the effective treatment? Do you suffer this similar problem? If yes, please follow us to get the answer....Read More

Best Therapy for Glomerulonephritis—Chinese Herbal Treatment

As for the treatment of Glomerulonephritis (Nephritis), the best therapy is natural Chinese herbal treatment, since it treat the condition from the root cause. If you are curious about it, please follow us to go on reading this article ...Read More

Will Herbal Treatment Enhance GFR 26 with Glomerular Nephritis

As for people with Glomerular Nephritis (Nephritis for short), their glomerular filtration rate decreases and proteinuria also appears. Without effective way, proteinuria easily relapses. Will herbal treatment enhance GFR 26 and remit protie...Read More

How Chinese Medicine Therapies Reduce Creatinine 449 Naturally

“The doctor diagnosed me with Chronic Kidney Disease stage 4, I want to know how to reserve it back and reduce Creatinine 449 naturally.” Do you have the similar problem? In China, there are many natural therapies based on TCM reduce cre...Read More

Chinese Medicine Therapy-- Alternative to Dialysis Reduces Creatinine 8.18

As a increasing number of patients seek for high quality life, they prefer taking natural and conservative therapy to reduce High Creatinine Level without Dialysis. Chinese medicine therapy, as alternative to dialysis, can reduce creatinine ...Read More

Can Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Recover Kidney Failure

Do you want to recover your kidney function effectively? Are you suffering from a mass of adverse effects of western medicine? If so, you can have a try for Chinese medicine. Can Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy recover Kidney Failure?...Read More

Do You Believe TCM Treats Kidney Disease with Creatinine 339

We all know that Dialysis just can take partial effects of natural kidney, which fails to filter macromolecular toxins from the body. What other therapy should patients take? Do you believe TCM treats kidney disease with Creatinine 339?...Read More

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