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Chronic Kidney Failure Treatment

Here is on currently available treatment methods for chronic kidney failure, including chinese medicine, blood purification, dialysis, blood plasma exchange, Immunotherapy, etc.

Statins and Chronic Kidney Failure

Statins refer to a group of drugs used to lower cholesterol levels and can be used in chronic kidney failure. Although statins are common medicines for chronic kidney failure patients, many patients have no idea about how statins works in t...Read More

Would Massage Overload the Kidneys in Chronic Failure

Massage is a natural remedy that has been used to helps patients get recovery in various refractory disease. However, for Kidney Failure patients, can they take massage? Would massage overload the kidneys in chronic kidney failure? What is...Read More

How Is Kidney Failure Treated by Dialysis

Dialysis or kidney transplant is needed when one is diagnosed with kidney failure which occurs as the final consequence of acute kidney problem and chronic kidney problem. In comparison with kidney transplant, dialysis is more prevalent amo...Read More

How To Help Cure Kidney Failure Naturally

At the mention of kidney failure, we will naturally think about dialysis and kidney transplant. They are conventional treatment options for kidney failure. However dialysis can not cure the disease and kidney transplant can not be called a...Read More

How to Improve GFR with Kidney Failure

GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate) can be improved for patients with kidney failure. By GFR, we can how well the kidney is function. For people with chronic kidney disease, kidney failure is diagnosed when GFR decreases to 15. Dialysis or kid...Read More

What Are The Possible Treatments For Kidney Failure

Kidney failure can be divided into 5 stages according to the severity of renal damages and the residual kidney functions. In the early stage of kidney failure, it can be recovered with timely and proper treatments. For those that have devel...Read More

New Developments in Kidney Failure Treatment

In the past, patients with kidney failure have to rely on dialysis to live for several years without a successful kidney transplant. In view of this, many kidney experts strive to find some new developments in kidney failure treatment....Read More

Can I Stop Dialysis with Kidney Failure

Can I stop dialysis with kidney Failure? This questions is commonly posted by kidney disease patients who are undergoing dialysis. Actually, whether a patient can stop dialysis or not depends on their illness condition. For an individual wi...Read More

How Long Can People with Renal Failure Live on Dialysis

One of most frequent questions people with renal failure after beginning dialysis is how long can people with renal failure live on dialysis. The answer to this question has a great difference in individuals with renal failure. Here, I woul...Read More

Treating Kidney Failure Through Dialysis

Dialysis is an important renal replacement therapy for treating kidney failure. It functions as an artificial kidney to remove excess water, sodium, potassium, phosphorus and other electrolytes and minerals as well as wasteful and toxic pro...Read More

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