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Chronic Kidney Failure Treatment

Here is on currently available treatment methods for chronic kidney failure, including chinese medicine, blood purification, dialysis, blood plasma exchange, Immunotherapy, etc.

Is There Improvement of Kidney Functioning 13%

13% kidney function means that you are at the stage 4 kidney failure which is the second advanced stage of renal disease. Therefore, there is a improvement of 13% kidney functioning. Please add WhatsApp/Viber/Wechat+008618203203537 to know...Read More

Can Kidney Failure be Slowed Down Naturally

Kidney failure is a illness condition in which the kidney is unable to eliminate various toxins and wastes products out of body completely. Without effective management, kidney failure progresses into end stage renal disease easily. While,...Read More

Can Osmotherapy Reverse Kidney Failure and Kidney Shrinkage

Nowadays, more and more people are living with kidney failure driven by unhealthy life styles as well as irregular habits. Besides, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, a new treatment to treat kidney failure, appeals to patients come to Chi...Read More

Is There A Possibility Kidney Will Back to It’s Normal Size When Treated with Chinese Medicine

When there is something wrong with kidney function, some changes occurs on the kidney and body. It is enlarged when patients suffer from polycystic kidney disease and it would be shrunk when patients experience end stage of kidney failure....Read More

What Treatments Need to Take to Improve Kidney Function

Kidney failure is a condition in which the the kidney function is decreased and is failed to filter various toxins and wastes products out of body completely. Therefore, patients need to take prompt measures as soon as possible to improve k...Read More

Is There Any Way of Healing Kidney without Doing Dialysis

Kidney disease is a illness condition in which the kidney is unable to fulfill its function as it should do. Decreasing kidney function needs patients to take measures as soon as possible to prevent further damage. While, is there any way o...Read More

Is There Any Natural Ways to Improve Kidney Function

Decreasing kidney function is a stage in which the kidney loses its ability to clear away various toxins and wastes products out of body completely. As a result, patients are more likely to experience various discomforts, While, is there an...Read More

Will Natural Treatments Help Me Before Kidney Function Deteriorate Further

Clinically, kidney function deteriorates gradually as you are diagnosed with kidney failure. And your life expectancy becomes shorter and shorter as kidney function get worse. While, will natural treatments help me stop deteriorate further?...Read More

Traditional Chinese Treatment for 6% Kidney Function

6% kidney function means that you are at end stage renal disease and your life would be threatened by the severity of kidney damage. As patient know, dialysis and kidney transplant are not the effective measures to control illness condition...Read More

What are the Steps to Cure Kidney Disease

Kidney disease is a illness condition in which kidney cells and tissues are scarred and hardened gradually. As time goes by, more and more health cells and tissues are involved in. Therefore, patients have an irresistible urge to cure it. T...Read More

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