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Causes of Colorless Urine and How to Deal with it

2013-12-26 18:52

Kidney disease patients may notice the colorless urine especially when the condition develops kidney failure. There has lots of knowledge about colorless urine. Firstly we should find the real cause of colorless urine and then the proper treatment can be used. If you are interested in this topic, follow us to learn more about colorless urine.

The causes of colorless urine

Urologists have stated that colorless urine is produced when a person’s water intake is very high. Also if people take less-protein diet for a long period of time, colorless urine is also likely to happen. In other cases, there might be some kind of Chronic Kidney Failure that prevents the kidneys from absorbing the necessary nutrients and causes them to excrete water as urine. So there are many factors can cause the colorless urine. People should go and do some related tests to find the real cause. If your colorless urine is not caused by kidney disease, then you do not need to worry about too much. As long as you pay more attention to the water intake and the diet, the color of urine is expected to become normal.

How to deal with colorless urine caused by kidney disease?

In general, kidney failure patients experience colorless urine due to the severe reduction in kidney function. The best way to deal with it is to save kidneys by repairing kidney damage and recovering renal function. Also the safety of a certain therapy must be something the patients have to take into consideration.

Nowadays more and more foreign patients who are trying their best to avoid dialysis and kidney transplant come to try Chinese therapy including circle therapy, hot compress therapy, medicated bath, oral Chinese herbal medicines, herbal enema, feet bath, acupuncture and moxibustion. After the kidney function is recovered, patients will find the color of urine becomes darker and the its odour becomes stronger. If you are also interested in Chinese therapy and want to know more about it, feel free to leave us a message below or email to, we surely send you back within 48 hours.

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