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Does Chronic Kidney Failure Show Reduced Urine

2014-04-11 00:35

Urine change is a main manifestation of whether kidneys are healthy or not. Many people in Chronic Kidney Failure are shown as reduced urine or even anuria. But does chronic kidney failure all show reduced urine?

Before giving an answer to this question, let’s learn how urine forms.

As we all know, kidneys play an important role in keeping us healthy. They are responsible for filtering the blood, discharging the toxins, keeping balance of fluids and electrolyte, secreting hormone. As well, another function of kidneys is to produce urine. When the blood flow through kidneys, the glomerulus will filtrate it and then crude urine will form and enter into renal tubule. The main function of renal tubule is reabsorption. In the proximal tubule, about 99% fluids, electrolyte, amino acid, etc will be reabsorbed into blood and only 1% crude urine will flow to distal tubule, which can secret some substance to control urine volume.

Does chronic kidney failure show reduced urine?

From the above we can see that the form of urine get glomerulus and renal tubule involved. Chronic kidney failure is caused by many reasons and finally severely kidney damage forms. If the initial disease mainly damage glomerulus, such as glomerulonephritis, which characterized by impaired filtration function, then urine volume will be reduced.

If the disease poses damage to renal tubule, then the reabsorption function will be damaged. The crude urine can not be reabsorbed, so it does not show as reduce urine. On the contrary, the urine will be increased.

In conclusion, both reduced urine and increased urine can be seen in chronic kidney failure. With the progression of the disease, kidneys will gradually shrink. When kidney function drops to a certain level, the urine will be reduced. Are you clear? If you still have questions, you can send an email to for a reply.

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