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Urinate Frequently When You Have End Stage Renal Failure

2013-02-20 11:10

We normally have 4-6 urination during daytime and 0-2 times during the nights, if the frequency of urination is significantly increased, it is called urinary frequency, especially at nights. There are many causes of urinary frequency and one major cause is kidney disease since the urine is produced in the kidneys and it is very common among end stage renal failure patients. Frequent urination will affect the patients’ daily life and general well-being.

Besides urinating frequently, end stage renal failure patients will have a series of other chances in their urine such as bubbles in urine, blood in urine, urinary urgency, burning feeling during urination, etc.

Since renal functions are severely damaged in end stage renal failure, the total amount of urine volume is much less than the normal output thought patients have frequent need to urinate.

There are some conditions in end stage renal failure that can cause urinary frequency, therefore we need first find out the specific cause so as to relieve the symptom.

Kidney infections, interstitial cystitis, diabetes, urinary tract infections, over use of diuretics in renal failure are the common factors that can cause frequent urge to urinate. Therefore if you have the above mentioned conditions, you need to seek timely and proper measures to treat infections and inflammations in the kidneys, urinary tract, control blood sugar level and adjust dosage or type of improper drugs and medicines.

Of cause, there are many other causes of frequent urinations including prostate gland enlargement, pregnancy, infections, diseases, injuries or medicines that affect bladder functions such as bladder stone, bladder cancer, certain cancer treatment like radiation affecting the pelvis or lower abdomen, excess consumption of alcohol or other caffeine-containing drinks or foods.

Whatever the inducement of frequent urination, the root cause is renal failure due to gradual loss of kidney functions, therefore patients should seek effective treatment to repair renal damages and restore renal functions or other more advanced illness conditions such as systemic symptoms and complications like in blood system, gastrointestinal system, cardiovascular system will pose great threaten to the patients’ life.

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