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Does Chronic Kidney Disease Cause Painful Urination

2015-01-29 10:00

Does Chronic Kidney Disease Cause Painful UrinationChronic kidney disease patients are easy to be attacked by kidney stones or kidney infections due to the urination disorders. Both of the two complications can lead to painful urination. In clinic, patients can solve the symptom easily through some medicines or advanced medical technology. But the most important thing for chronic kidney disease patients is reversing their kidney functions, decreasing the rates of being attacked by painful urination and promoting the life quality.

We hospital apply Traditional Chinese Medicine on treating Chronic Kidney Disease. Traditional Chinese Medicine is Chinese-herbs majored which has effective functions on promoting blood circulation to remove blood clots and cleaning toxins, in addition, with the proper application medicines way, the medicine effect can come into play more effectively. Here will have a introduction about our therapies.

Steaming therapy. The active substances in medicine is included in the steam which has functions of expending blood vessels, accumulating blood speed and promoting sweating which is really a good way to excreting toxins in body.

Chinese circle therapy. The medicine is smeared on the back and it has function of drawing out the toxins out of body after a series of massages along the certain acupoints.

Hot compress. The medicine is applied on the kidney region and the active substances in medicine can be permeated into body, working on expending blood vessels, anti-inflammatory, anti-freezing and degrading extra cellular matrix to block kidney damage and improve kidney function.

Oral decotion. The active substances in medicine can absorb the toxins, then crash them and finally activate the phagocyte to swollen the broken matters, making sure the blood healthy.

Foot bath. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the veins and acupoints on feet are related with the whole body, so through foot bath, patients also can get the purpose of promoting blood circulation to remove blood clots.

Only when the blood in circulation is smooth and pure, the kidney hypoxic-ischemic state and ultra immune responses in kidneys can be stopped, blocking the kidney damage and reversing the kidney function. Now if want to know more information about painful urination or our treatment for Chronic Kidney Disease, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.

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