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What’s Wrong with My kidney with Frequent Urination at Night

2015-03-02 15:15

What’s Wrong with My kidney with Frequent Urination at NightFrequent urination at night may signal you some kind of kidney problems, it not only destroy the good dream of people, but also influence the normal activity in day. So if you are attacked by frequent urination at night for a long time, please be cautious.

The frequency of urination refers to the amount of urine doesn’t exceed 750ml/12hr, and the urination at night is no more than one third of the total. Frequent urination at night is has a close relationship with kidney disease. What’s more, it reports some kind of heart, endocrine disease and other diseases. Normally speaking, this symptom occurs as the following conditions:

A. Physiological increased night urination

If people have too much fluid intake before getting into bed, they usually suffer the frequent urination at night. In addition, tea and coffee are both diuretic, so if you want to have a good dream, drink less before sleep.

B. Chronic Kidney Disease

Frequent urination at night is the earliest symptom of kidney problem. It results from the decreased kidney function, especially reminds us of the damage of renal tubulus which control the urine concentration and attenuation.

C. Cardiac insufficiency

Cardiac insufficiency patients experience increased times of nigh urination because the blood flow increases after they lie in bed. With the increase blood perfusion in kidneys, the formation of urine also get more.

D. Endocrine disease

The typical disease is diabetes or diabetes insipidus. Those patients suffer from increased urine output not only in the daytime, but also at night.

If you suffer from frequent urination at night, you’d better talk with your doctor about your concern and confusions. Due to the powerful compensatory ability of kidneys, patients are difficult to know that there are something wrong with their kidneys. So pay more attention to the changes of your body and never miss the best time for treatment.

Now if you want to know more information about frequent urination at night and kidney problems, or ask for treatment suggestions, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.

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