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Kidney Failure Symptoms: Unable To Pass Urine, Swelling Legs

2013-04-14 16:53

We know that the basic kidney function is to produce urine, when kidneys are damaged or impaired, patients often suffer from a series of abnormalities in urination. Patients may have difficulty in urination or even unable to pass urine. Excess water will stay in their body and cause swelling of legs, feet, ankles and other parts.

Several conditions in kidney failure can cause patients to be unable to urinate such as urinary tract obstruction, kidney stone, prostate enlargement, etc. Difficulty in urination can cause back pain, abdominal pain, hydronephrosis and cause damages to the already impaired renal functions.

Besides swelling legs, there are other illness problems when kidney failure patients pass no urine. Since kidneys can help discharge metabolic wastes, toxins and excess electrolytes from the blood when it filters the blood and produces urine. Therefore there will be accumulation of harmful products in the patient’s body when they are unable to pass urine.

Swelling legs can be alleviated by taking diuretics or dialysis if it is too serious. Besides, water intake should be strictly controlled or it will make swelling even worse. As for anuria, it is more serious. Urine output is hope for end stage renal failure patients because it means there are still some functional renal cells and there is still chance to strengthen their functions. Therefore proper and effective treatment should be sought as soon as possible when patient stops to pass urine.

Dialysis can help remove excess fluid so as to alleviate swelling of legs, but it can not help patients to pass urine because it can not improve the patient’s kidney functions.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can help treat leg swelling and other symptoms such as fatigue, skin itching, anemia, hypertension, but also can help improve renal function so as to help patients pass urine and excrete wasteful materials from the body. Compared with kidney transplant, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy needs longer time to have obvious effects, therefore patients should have more patience and cooperate with the doctors.

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