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Will Kidney Failure Cause Cloudy Urine

2013-05-28 16:19

Will Kidney Failure Cause Cloudy UrineWill kidney failure cause cloudy urine? Kidney is the organ that take charge of producing urine, so urine changes help to reflect kidney problems in some cases. Well then, is cloudy urine a spell of kidney failure? If not, what are the causes?

Will kidney failure cause cloudy urine?

Kidney failure usually appears as the result of chronic kidney problem and acute kidney problem. It can be accompanied with a group of urine changes like urgent urination, frequent urination, bubbly urine, blood urine, colorless urine, oliguria and even anuria and so on.

For cloudy urine, it actually is not as common as the urine changes we mentioned above, but it indeed occurs in some kidney failure patients.

What are the common causes for cloudy urine?

There are many different causes of cloudy urine and here we will introduce the top 10 causes for cloudy urine:

1. Dehydration: when our body does not have adequate amounts of water, our urine may become dark and cloudy. It is one of the most common cause for cloudy urine.

2. Urinary tract infection: Urinary tract infection occurs easily among female. In mild cases, we can recover by drinking lots of water, but in serious cases, antibiotics will be needed.

3. Water soluble vitamins: Some water soluble vitamins like all the vitamin B and vitamin C can cause cloudy urine.

4. Diabetes: cloudy also can be a symptom of Diabetes. In addition, Diabetes can cause kidney failure directly if left uncontrolled.

5. Pregnancy: Cloudy urine also occurs among pregnant women.

6. Chemicals: Frequent contact with chemicals, you may found your urine is cloudy.

7. Medications: Cloudy urine may appear as a side effect of some drugs and medications.

8. Kidney damage: sometimes, cloudy urine appears as a symptom of poor kidney function or kidney damages.

9. Kidney stone: Kidney stone can release minerals that cause urine to cloud up. Kidney stone can cause kidney failure as well if not treated properly and timely.

10. Goodpasture syndrome: Goodpasture syndrome is another cloudy urine cause. This disease damages our kidneys and progresses to kidney failure if left alone.

There are so many causes for cloudy urine, so it is necessary to found out the root cause of it before the treatment. Only when the causes are removed, can this problem to solved. Lastly, since cloudy urine can be a sign of kidney failure, we need to pay extra attention to our kidneys if found our urine are cloudy.(If you have further questions, please contact us directly by leaving message to

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