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Does Kidney Failure Start With Excessive Peeing

2013-07-26 17:13

Does Kidney Failure Start With Excessive PeeingDoes kidney failure start with excessive peeing? It is kidney that takes charge of producing urine, so is it possible for patients to have excessive peeing with kidney failure?

Kidneys are responsible for producing urine. When kidneys are injured, they fail to discharge excess fluid from the body, so it is common for kidney failure patients to have decreased or even no urine output. Urine output means there are still healthy kidney function, and in that case, there is still hope for patients to get their kidney condition improved. However, for these with no urine output for more than half a year, their kidneys have been damaged completely and there is no bloodstream in kidney. Under such a condition, dialysis and kidney transplant are the only two options for them to sustain their life.

Though decreased or no urine output is more common among kidney failure patients, but this does not mean excessive peeing is not a sign of chronic kidney failure. In our kidney, there is renal tubule which serves us by reabsorbing most of the nutritions and fluids filtered by glomeruli. When renal tubules are injured and fail to perform reabsorption function, much more urine will be produced. Under such a condition, patients will experience excessive peeing. In clinic, excessive peeing usually occurs as a early sign of Hypertensive Nephropathy, a kidney disease caused by years of high blood pressure.

Kidney is in charge of produce urine, so when kidneys are affected, various urine changes will be caused. Excessive peeing is just one of the possible symptoms and aside from it, patients may also experience foamy urine, blood urine and colorless urine and so on. All these symptoms may indicate kidney damages, so when one find he has some or all of these urine changes, going to hospital for further examination is very necessary. (For information about tests for kidney disease, please contact us directly

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